norway post #10

i’m here in my hotel room, watching bbc world and digesting my dinner of fresh shrimp and irish beer. today was a very, very good day, and here’s why:

today started out with a bit of exercise at 7:30, followed by breakfast, the folding of my dry laundry, and a shower. then, i (along with the rest of the band, choir, and orchestra) went on a tour that took us to troldhaugen and a stave church.

troldhaugen – the home of, museum about, and concert hall dedicated to edvard grieg – was absolutely amazing. i could have spent the entire day there, if not more time. the composer’s cabin was probably my favorite part, but i also loved being surrounded by all of the natural life and just walking through all of the thick forestry. i did grab a small flower from along the path, which is now being pressed in my computer science textbook.

the stave church was beautiful, but i wasn’t nearly as impressed by it as i was by troldhaugen. the architecture was very beautiful, and seemed very similar to asian architecture and design in my mind.

anyway, after the guided tour was over, i sat around for a little bit and put some clothing back into my suitcase before trying to find a bicycle rental shop. i found one, rented a bike, and covered quite a bit of ground before going to the other hotel (the bandies, orchies, and some of the la-las are in another hotel about 10-12 blocks away from the one i’m in) to spend some time with lauren and catch up with my friends in the other organizations. i also managed to visit a grocery store to obtain more bread, buy a new phone card and an extra plug adapter, and get my hands on some fresh shrimp.

after coming back here to add some songs to my iPod, i went back to the other hotel to visit with lauren, and ended going out to a pub to have a couple of beers with a few friends before coming back here. i returned, had some shrimp, and i’m now getting ready for bed.

well, i’m going to brush my teeth and go to sleep now; after all, i have a rehearsal tomorrow morning at 10am and that comes awfully early. peace, and behave.

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