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greetings from bergen, where it apparently rains all the friggin’ time. i haven’t been sleeping as much as i should, and i am so incredibly tired right now that even though it’s only 6pm, i’m tempted to go straight to bed. before i make that decision, however, i think i’ll record my thoughts from the day and some more observations about norway.

today started at about 7:30, with a shower, some breakfast, and a great deal of wet laundry. the dryer at our host family’s house simply couldn’t handle everything we threw at it, so george and i wrung everything out, packed up everything in plastic bags, and put it in our suitcases so that we could at least move it easily.

after we left our host’s house, we waited around at the cathedral for a while before loading the buses and leaving for bergen. we drove through a very diverse area of norway, with scenery ranging from farms and fjords to stuff that looks like it came out of middle earth, and also drove under several large bodies of water by means of roadway tunnels in addition to crossing a couple large bodies of water on ferries. all in all, we ended up having a 5 ½ hour drive, which oddly enough didn’t feel like 5 ½ hours for whatever reason.

and now we’re here. this hotel is a lot like oslo, in that everything is tiny, everything costs something, and nothing is given to you. this hotel does have one up on oslo, however, in that it at least has an exercise room and a jacuzzi. i may end up paying for internet access later, but i’m going to try and find a cafe with free internet before i let it come to that.

one interesting thing about all of these hotel rooms, oddly enough, is their bathrooms. they all share one thing in common: heated floors. and they aren’t just heated, either; they come with a complete thermostat for controlling the floor heat. only the bathroom floor is heated, which seems a little odd, but it is incredibly nice when you first get up in the morning.

a couple of the other la-las figured out a unique usage for the heated floors. if you do your laundry, lay the wet laundry on the bathroom floor, and crank the thermostat up as high as it will go, your laundry will be dry by morning. quite genius, really. i’ve laid out all of my wettest laundry to dry, and some of it already is.

well, i’m going to go sit in the jacuzzi for a little while before i call it a night. peace, and behave.

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