norway post #11

(note: this post was done 24 hours after the events in question had actually taken place. caveat emptor.)

hi there. let’s start with the morning.

rehearsal was quite good, surprisingly. we weren’t cranky or tired, and the music actually started to come together today. we rehearsed in a lobby at the concert hall, but other than that quirk, everything else went as well as could be expected.

after the rehearsal, i went back to the hotel, had a quick sandwich, and climbed back on my rented bike to explore the city and get some good pictures. i rode out to the edge of the city and took a picture of the harbor looking in, and then rode back to the harbor again to take a picture from the harbor looking out. it was quite nice.

i am so glad i rented that bike. there is absolutely nothing like being on a bicycle. the feeling of flight and the freedom one has of being under one’s own power is absolutely incredible. it also gave me the ability to do something i haven’t really felt on this tour: it allowed me to stretch out and go as fast or as slow as i wanted to go, exactly when i wanted to do it. if you’re ever in bergen, bicycle is the way to get around.

i returned the bike, bought myself a cucumber to resupply my traveling pantry, and then went back to the hotel to change for the concert. that rehearsal went well, and dinner was awesome. there was actually a vegetarian meal this time.

my one gripe about the concert tonight was one i’ve never complained about before: we got a standing ovation. this may seem odd, but i’m actually a bigger fan of the unified clap. i think the reason we got a standing ovation tonight was because there were a lot of americans in the audience.

anyway, that’s all i’ve got for bergen. peace, and behave.

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