Caroline is in the hospital: part deux

Hello out there, sports fans. Here’s the latest:

We got the results of Caroline’s MRI back yesterday. Everything’s normal there: no lesions, no swelling, and no tumors (though they did discover a very over-developed pun center, in a portion of the brain shaped like a kitten). Her blood tests continue to come back normal.

This morning, the attending physician told us that the results of Caroline’s cerebrospinal fluid tests for viral meningitis came back negative. That means she no longer has to be on IV acyclovir, and that if everything else checks out, she can most likely go home this afternoon. They are still waiting on Lymes tests in the CSF, but those cultures can take days and the treatment is the antibiotic she’s already on. I’m hoping we can setup Camp Caroline on the recliner couch in our living room.

The good news here is that all the scary stuff has been ruled out: no brain cancer, no infections in the brain, no lesions to indicate stroke, aneurysm, or epilepsy, no bacterial meningitis, no parasites or complications from malaria, etc. Unfortunately, we can’t be positive it’s Lyme’s encephalitis, either, though she has been responding to treatment for that. The episodes of confusion and difficulty speaking have been getting shorter and less severe, and she is feeling much better.

I would like to thank everyone who came to visit her in the hospital, especially while I was dealing with stuff for work. It did a lot to raise her spirits, and it meant the world to both of us.

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