Twittery Goodness for 2008-03-14

  • @marcusnelson yeah, actually. they were pawning it off at the mall. #
  • goodnight, internet. #
  • good morning, internet. #
  • mr. president: you desperately need a reality check. ronald reagan is rolling over in his grave because of you. go to hell, grant dobbe #
  • i am a leaf on the wind — watch how i soar. #
  • @heygabe i’m debugging the taxonomy_context module in an attempt to fix some AJAX menu block stuff — does that count? #
  • @heygabe shiny! #
  • anyone out there familiar with the nitty gritty of building menu trees in drupal? if so, i’d like to pick your brain. #
  • well, i’ve got the menu tree displaying properly. now, how do i get the ajax magic to work? #
  • @philiphodgen go to the metreon #
  • @philiphodgen specifically, the spy store. lots of neat stuff. #
  • lunch crowd at emy j’s is crazy #
  • is it just me, or does linkedin feel icky to anyone else? #
  • senator @barackobama — pastor wright is kinda crazy. you might wanna be careful. #
  • @raster would that be GOTGTD? (getting others to get things done) *ducks* #
  • @bingkafei tell me about it. ghana != kenya, kids. read a newspaper and look at a globe. #
  • whoever wrote the notes here: i want to buy you dinner. #
  • would hillary clinton please withdraw from the race? please? the last thing we need is a war of attrition. #
  • @philiphodgen for your viewing pleasure: #
  • weekly review time! #
  • dear walgreens: way to use tables in your website. #
  • working out, then doing as much nothing as possible. #

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