Twittery Goodness for 2008-01-29

  • has a very, very mild state of the union hangover. #
  • i require sustenance. go go gadget french press! #
  • note to hosting providers: enable FTP w/ SSL/TLS — i don’t like sending client data in the clear #
  • note to clients: if you give me shell access/rsync capability, i’ll give you a 10% discount and love you forever. #
  • Question for the Twitter mob: how do you provide remote support for your parents (other than LogMeIn)? #
  • i want to combine filezilla’s speed with cyberduck’s convenience. and i refuse to purchase transmit or fetch. *sigh* #
  • @raster Interarchy, eh? I will investigate this. #
  • @jefferyharrell the interface rubs me the wrong way. plus, i have a hate/hate relationship with http://FTP. rsync ftw #
  • in a perfect world, i would have shell/rsync access with a mercurial repository of every client site held locally #
  • link them in to either a master drupal or master wp repo held locally #
  • when update time rolls around, i push to the client repos, test, and then into production #
  • i blame plesk, cpanel, and ftp for killing my dreams and killing my inner child. #
  • mailplane decided to go wonky on me. i find myself paralyzed. #
  • 10 minutes and one onyx-induced reboot later, mailplane fixed #
  • @raster interarchy amuses me. esp. the large number of protocols. #
  • @raster Interarchy seems to be a bit… different in terms of uploads and downloads. bothered that i can’t seem to queue uploads. #
  • @ raster not necessarily — i just want to make sure i’ve got the right location before i start an upload #
  • @raster still trying to get the hang of the tab system. also, any way to add folders to the "places" bar? #
  • @raster ah. so it’s mimicking Safari. duh. #
  • @raster i get it now. thanks! #
  • you know you’ve been working in the shell too long when you try to use tab completion in firefox’s address field. DAAAAAMN. #
  • @philiphodgen you spend more time twittering in the car than i do driving. #
  • @tylerwhitaker which platform? #
  • i love bash. #

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