Twittery Goodness for 2008-01-23

  • @barackobama if I wanted to hear from john kerry, i would have subscribed to his email list. which i didn’t. i subscribed to yours. get … #
  • i forgot that wordpress doesn’t do excerpts automatically like drupal does. lame. #
  • yay! i got hit by the post2cat change. drupal, this is why i love you. #
  • you don’t spring this shit on me #
  • ok #
  • let’s try for some easy stuff. #
  • @raster you mean catty-wompus? #
  • hey, this is actually working out pretty well #
  •, why do you make me want to hurt you? #
  • happy birthday, mozilla! #
  • and bluehost owe me for that hour of my life they just consumed. #
  • for some reason, i now have the theme to "24" stuck in my head. jack bauer, come back to us! #

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