Twittery Goodness for 2007-12-06

  • Booting an Ubuntu LiveCD on my MacBook #
  • debating what would happen if i fed a forward to the spam filter. hmm… #
  • ruh-roh — almost out of dvd-rs! #
  • trying to do an ubuntu install on a laptop with no backlight #
  • @philiphodgen don’t thank UAE, thank Secure Computing and SmartFilter #
  • FINALLY! h4x0r3d the xorg.conf file on the livecd, turned off gdm, ran startx and voila! the graphical installer! #
  • how hard can it be to support ssl on an ftp server? #
  • watching the world’s slowest FTP download. #
  • @librarianmer yes. #
  • @librarianmer go to the Users section of /admin #
  • man, ubuntu is looking better and bettter #
  • oh Web Developer Toolbar, how i love thee #

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