Twittery Goodness for 2007-11-29

  • holy crapcakes, batman. I know XML-foo. #
  • round one of XSLT complete. tomorrow, an epic saga in which I take a Drupal book hierarchy and use it to move the rest of the data. #
  • simpleinvoices is looking like a good solution #
  • huh, facebook is being pretty weird. #
  • …and after making a reference to the Aristocrats, I now need a unicorn chaser. #
  • of course, the dog climbs up on the couch and lies directly on top of my feet. #
  • man, SQL is pretty damn awesome #
  • dear peace corps: hurry up. thanks, grant #
  • after spending all afternoon searching for SQL syntax, i remember i’ve got the O’Reilly pocket reference. I are smart. #

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