Twittery Goodness for 2007-11-20

  • making food and contemplating a run to the bookstore #
  • just had a horrible thought: what if there’s no new house tomorrow? #
  • Dear AMPTP: please quit being a bunch of bastards so that Jack Bauer can kick ass again. We need this. Love, Grant #
  • brb #
  • i followed my thought to completion: that’s why we have video podcasts. silly me. #
  • I can has sleeping now? #
  • i torrented ubuntu 7.10, seeded it until it got to a 1.0 share ratio, then deleted it. i am a moron. #
  • wait! never mind. #
  • takign the dog for a short walk, then back to work #
  • and now i’m full of salad. taaaaasty. time for a shower, me thinks. #
  • eating my last banana #
  • anybody have a good non-iTunes podcatcher for OS X? juice kinda sucks. #
  • yay for having 12MB of physical memory free. i wonder what program did that #
  • and i have my answer: cyberduck. #
  • @philiphodgen yeah, but palpatine practically coerced them into it #
  • @philiphodgen jarjar! #
  • @philiphodgen AKA jarjar "omg george lucas hates his fans" binks #

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