STARS, Cars, and Asafo

I’ve been traveling. A lot. Let’s start from the top:

– On Sunday the 21st of June, I set off for Kumasi with two of my best Form 2 students, William and Linda. They, along with 60 of their peers from all over Ghana, spent a week at the STARS Conference at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The STARS (Students Taking Action Reaching for Success) Conference is a chance for students to meet other students their age from around Ghana, get first-hand information about higher education, learn leadership skills, and get information on HIV/AIDS and how to teach their peers about it, all on neutral ground. For some of these kids, it was the first time they’ve ever left their village.

Yours truly spent the week updating the website (conveniently located at, uploading pictures, and running around for the conference organizers. We were exhausted at the end of the week, but the kids loved it, and that’s the important part.

– On Saturday, the 27th of June, I put my kids back on a bus to Seikwa and spent the day working on ICT Think Tank stuff (someone gave us a laptop, and I have plans. It’s gonna be awesome.) and just relaxing before the next stage of my journey.

– On Sunday, the 28th of June, I packed up all my stuff, headed into Kejetia, and left Kumasi for the Peace Corps Pre-Service Training villages. Currently, I am resting my weary head in the little village of Asafo. It’s strange being back here; in a lot of ways, it’s like visiting your old high school. I spent a lot of time running around between language classes, practicum teaching, and the Peace Corps hub office, and it’s interesting to see how the place has changed without you.

I’ll be here in Asafo/the greater Kukurantumi metropolitan area until Tuesday, the 14th of July. For some reason, my normal internet access through Tigo isn’t working here, so I’ll have to lug my laptop to the internet cafe for the time being.

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