In which our intrepid hero gets a feline sidekick

There is no better reminder that it’s market day and that you seriously need to buy some food than a cat.

As those of you who have been reading the back issues know, I’ve had a bit of a mouse problem here at La Casa del Whiteman. I tried poison, traps, household repair, all to no avail; so finally, I caved and put out a notice to my students that I would like a cat.

Those of you who have owned cats know that kittens are essentially a free resource, and the only variable is time. Therefore, two weeks after I put the word out, I was presented with a cardboard box full of kitten. Terrified, anxious, adorable kitten.

Her name is Frisbee, because the first thing she hid under when released into the wild of my house was my frisbee. She’s been here for about two weeks, and she is most likely the noisiest, most vocal cat I have ever known. She’s a picky eater, which is a pain when you consider that there is no cat food and she eats whatever I eat (who doesn’t like scrambled eggs? seriously!) and she likes to sit on the keyboard of my laptop and crash my computer. I’m actually considering writing a program that will play loud, annoying sounds when more than 4 keys are pressed for any more than 5 seconds.

She’s also catching mice. And she curls up next to me to sleep at night. Which makes me happy.

Frisbee is giving me significant looks right now, and my stomach is perspicaciously growling at me to finish this post and go get some food already. You stay classy, internet.

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