Twittery Goodness for 2008-04-25

  • greetings from sunny michigan. #
  • i think this may be a day for some tunes from the Starlight Mints. no, i KNOW this is a day for the Starlight Mints. #
  • contemplating pushing a site to drupal 6 #
  • @KeVroN ironically, this site doesn’t use views. or cck. weird, huh? #
  • @2xFuN this site is using 8 contrib modules, 7 of which have 6.x branch support. I can live without admin role #
  • @2xFuN it’s always like this. remember 4.7 -> 5.0? all i want for christmas is a painless upgrade path #
  • @heygabe that sounds eerily .bomb #
  • Drupal: it’s what’s for dinner. L:Ann Arbor, MI #
  • @raster don’t laugh. OS/2 is still out there, alive and kicking. L:Ann Arbor, MI #
  • of course, theming between 5.x and 6.x changes just enough that i can’t just let it be. #

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