Twittery Goodness for 2008-04-17

  • looks like time to start looking at postgres – #
  • @scottmessner in all things IP, plausible deniability is king. at IBM, it is verboten for engineers to look at patents. ever. #
  • @kevron absolutely. legal can claim that the engineers had no idea they were infringing, which means that penalties are much lower. #
  • going for a run with new shoes and new socks (!) before going up to @marcusnelson #
  • eating string cheese and staring at @marcusnelson #
  • still eating string cheese, but no longer staring at @marcusnelson (he left the room) #
  • @heygabe yeah, he was just telling me about that. tempted to revoke that client’s internet privileges and send them a typewriter. #
  • staring at @marcusnelson — this time, no cheese is involved #
  • wait for it… #
  • still hasn’t noticed… #
  • must… maintain… composure… #
  • wow. this is intense. #
  • i give up. I just told him. #
  • @actaneon that’s why you need to be at #citizendesk. it’s where all the cool, hip, and with-it people work. #
  • @kerrianne tell me about it. i ran this morning — beat the rain, got some sunshine, and set a good tone for the day! #
  • those of you in 715 — @marcusnelson is having a party! come visit @citizendesk! #

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