Twittery Goodness for 2008-04-12

  • hour one: that just sucked. #
  • hour two: not much better #
  • also, anyone in the vicinity of rosholt, wi needs to come out and play trivia. #
  • i’m looking at you, @aaron102degrees #
  • wow, i’m really sucking hind tit here. #
  • the reinforcements have arrived #
  • 162nd place! #
  • @marcusnelson you can has jorb? #
  • 135th place. We’re back down to 2 from 8, though. damn jobs. #
  • trivia team name highlights, #1: ‘HOLD STILL, I’M TRYING TO BE FRIENDLY’ #
  • trivia team name highlights, #2: ‘ROD STEWART’S BANANA HAMMOCKS’ #

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