Twittery Goodness for 2008-04-07

  • @aaron102degrees crapintosh? CRAPINTOSH?

    hear that sound? it’s a horde of angry apple fanboys coming to throw you into the river. #

  • and we’re back. next step: figuring out what to work on first. #
  • SNOW??? KHAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!! #
  • @marcusnelson because you’re an idiot. #
  • @philiphodgen i ran outside twice this weekend. in shirt sleeves. it was in the low/mid 60s. now it’s barely 40. #
  • @philiphodgen still, i’m holding out with the shorts. #
  • @philiphodgen i did. i’m on hold. #
  • i just set up a hot corner for spaces. monitor g-force accelleration risk: high. #
  • you know, for all the pains and paranoia concerns, having a VPN tunnel to a dev server has its advantages. #
  • like blazing fast file transfers #
  • @philiphodgen i took sunday off from the computer. it was *fantastic* – i feel wefweshed! #
  • omg! sunshine! #
  • well, that was short lived. #
  • lunch time! #
  • 4 days until TRIVIA! #
  • trying to figure out the magic by pagination #
  • rather, trying to figure out the magic *of* pagination in drupal #
  • anyone know a nifty way to make random images stay ouf of cache? #
  • mid-afternoon amusement: — thanks, @wilw! *thumbs up* #
  • @heygabe that’s been around since macs have had removable media. mac quirk != unix quirk. #
  • trivia: #
  • past name: "gifted, sifted, and twisted" #
  • names i’m thinking about: "omgwtfbbqlolkthxbai" #
  • more names: "all your delegate are belong to us" #
  • must. make. food. #

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