Twittery Goodness for 2008-04-04

  • #CitizenDesk peoples: #
  • go go gadget rsync! #
  • @z1n4 we talk about how old @marcusnelson is 😉 #
  • @marcusnelson thank you for a lovely evening. it’s good to know i’m not the only nerd in central WI. #
  • @aaron102degrees did you make it home, or are you still driving around downtown wausau? #
  • @philiphodgen perhaps. gimme a li’l more time to try it out, and then you can has shiny. #
  • postgresql, you’re harshing my mellow. #
  • php support for postgre removed, problem solved. #
  • one of these days, karma’s gonna get me. i’m probably going to die in a horrible postgresql accident #
  • @actaneon every time you use .NET, Steve Ballmer kills a puppy. #
  • i agree completely with this mother: #
  • i need to do something other than debug PHP. i’m stuck in a feedback loop. oh look, sunshine! *wanders off* #
  • out in rosholt, debugging this pain in the ass php #
  • why in the name of mickey mouse is drupal looking for theme files in /usr/share/pear? #
  • let’s try a fresh install. #
  • well, that didn’t work. hail mary to the drupal folk: what uses _phptemplate_render()? #
  • @actaneon i feel your pain. i’m debugging a drupal module that *used* to work as we speak. #
  • aaaand i think i just figured it out. #

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