Twittery Goodness for 2008-03-20

  • walking around #
  • mythbusters, you complete me #
  • figuring out the ol’ day #
  • i can’t tell if it’s the lack of caffeine or the workload ahead of me, but something’s making me very misanthropic this morning. #
  • @heygabe at least you’ve filled your learning quota for the day. #
  • @grantdobbe i’d write you a note excusing you from the day, but i’m kinda misanthropic right now. #
  • guy standing at the counter is wearing flip-flops w/jeans. it’s 30 degrees outside. #
  • anyone out there know a nifty way of doing bulk node author changes in drupal? #
  • @christophr everyone knows the easter bunny is a lie. it’s an easter chicken. rabbits don’t lay eggs. duh. #
  • would someone either email me a cell phone charger for a RAZR or drop one off at emy j’s? kthxbai! #
  • i — mighty hunter — require a snack. time to wander into the pantry. #
  • workout time! #

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