Twittery Goodness for 2008-03-18

  • all i want is a butter-free microwave popcorn. is that too much to ask? #
  • shower. then, doing all the stuff that didn’t make it into the queue yesterday #
  • @raster have you ever tried smultron? i swear by it #
  • man, working while standing up sure helps to release tension #
  • code-writing/head-clearing walk #
  • that helped tremendously #
  • thank god for the rolling stones #
  • i need a skylight, or at least a screen door #
  • time to crack out some bach. brandenburg concerti to the rescue! #
  • @4braham tell me about it. hardware raid config in linux is almost as pleasant as doing your taxes. #
  • just saw joss whedon say BSG is the "best show he’s ever seen". joss whedon + BSG = my head asplode. #
  • hearing wolf blitzer say "blog post" sounds… unnatural. #
  • totally reliving my childhood with animaniacs excerpts #
  • united states, canada, mexico, panama, haiti, jamaica, peru… #
  • internet explorer 6: close enough for government work. #
  • Arthur C. Clarke, R.I.P. #
  • just finished listening to @barackobama speak on race. incredible how something so divisive can be made into something inspiring. #
  • wrapping up a productive day at the office. and by office, i mean living room. #
  • Hey smalls! No more "is twittering" for me! #
  • quitting time! #

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