Twittery Goodness for 2008-03-17

  • @philiphodgen oh noes! you has been h4x0r3d by the nerdling! #
  • i must be the only web person i know who doesn’t work on weekends. #
  • i’ve decided it’s ridiculous for me to stay awake any longer. time to load the dishwasher and call it a night. #
  • i’m gonna earn that beer, damn it. #
  • snow? why??? #
  • it’s snowing. i blame the irish. #
  • that’s right, alan stout. i’m looking at you. #
  • @tapps last i heard, chipotle is no longer owned by mcdonalds #
  • unlike @raster, @heygabe, and @tapps, i’ll be eating at my kitchen table this afternoon. #
  • @raster i’m gonna say i have to agree with @heygabe #
  • for my next trick, i’ll play with css in drupal to make awesome. #
  • rev. wright is the new anna nicole. #
  • anyone else having backpack issues? #
  • @mtaig try untrack obama #
  • it’s either do something else or phone in drupal development for the rest of the day. i’m thinking a nap is in order. #

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