Twittery Goodness for 2008-03-11

  • Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle. #
  • elliot spitzer likes the sex. who knew? #
  • if drupal’s a garbage truck, then wordpress is a skateboard. #
  • @raster have you ever looked at the WP core code? #
  • @raster personally, i don’t think drupal = garbage truck. i think drupal = homebuilt airplane kit #
  • @raster drupal forum modules (like most of drupal core) should be rewritten using OOP, but that’s just me being cranky. #
  • @raster adv. forum is nice, but doesn’t fix the underlying problem. #
  • @raster thanks for reminding me that i need to submit a patch to that project, though #
  • @blakehall it would make module and theme development *much* easier IMP #
  • @blakehall i guess. either way, forum.module is in dire need of a rewrite. #
  • @tapps listen to @raster. He’s trying to save you a garbage truck full of pain. #
  • i’m putting together a theme for someone based on a PSD… don’t even wanna think about debugging for IE. #
  • drupal theming is hard because you have more to think about than in WP or others. #
  • once you realize that drupal theming != wp theming, life gets much simpler and you can control the matrix #
  • @tapps IME, wordpress works well for simple projects. the minute you hear "and it needs to do…" or "except…", then you break out drupal. #
  • it’s interesting that i consider 34 degrees w/ sunshine to be a nice day #
  • @raster you should have suggested emacs and LaTeX #
  • @raster tee hee! #
  • food, shower, and bicycle #
  • iff #
  • nothing like riding your bike on a sunny day #
  • the first trivia posters are going up… joy of joys! #
  • @4braham word. #
  • @marcusnelson any interest in going to MinneBar in May? #
  • @waynedixon what’s the site used for? #
  • @waynedixon gotta know what you need before suggesting a platform #
  • my prediction for MS: obama by 5 points. #
  • watching a little boy make a mess of himself with an ice cream cone. quite amusing. makes me miss my grandpa #
  • grandpa used to come pick little me up and take me to burger king to play in the playland while he read the paper. #
  • ahh, the beatles are awesome. #
  • @raster not really, though playing trogdor the burninator in guitar hero 2 is pretty amusing #
  • intrigued by all this WP 2.5 talk. must investigate. #
  • quitting time! time to pack up and go to the dems meeting #

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