Twittery Goodness for 2008-02-25

  • finally, i finished "The System of the World". Started it in november. gotta love neal stephenson. #
  • checkbook balanced #
  • @kerrianne do me a favor: hit him. #
  • bed time #
  • were those… gunshots… i just heard? #
  • i hate word and its stupid html insertion #
  • draw, plan, code, debug: amazing how simple it is to design a theme this way. #
  • contemplating running a 5 miler this weekend. if it were going to be above 32 degrees, i’d be in fo’ sho’. #
  • playing with colors #
  • playing the content import game. #
  • colin malloy gets points for using the word "parallax" in one of the coolest songs ever. #
  • wow. some idiot high school kid is sitting in a coffee shop talking about pirated software. #
  • i wonder what the BSA is offering for bounties nowadays… #
  • how dumb do you have to be to tell people how to pirate software in PUBLIC? #
  • Apache 2.x: die in a fire. #
  • IIS: you too. #

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