Twittery Goodness for 2008-02-20

  • every time you don’t vote, the terrorists kill a puppy. please, for the puppy’s sakes, go vote. #
  • Waiting at the courthouse for election results. #
  • i helped obama win wisconsin. i also helped wisconsin win obama. yes we can. #
  • i am very hungover. #
  • we won hawaii too! happy business! #
  • ….wow. i feel like an elated, exuberant, exhausted ashtray. #
  • to me, politics is like baseball. Republicans are the National league, and the Democrats are the American League. #
  • right now, obama’s batting around .400 and his team has pitched 9 shutouts in a row. #
  • hillary clinton, of course, is the new york yankees. fucking yankees. #
  • john mccain is either the arizona diamondbacks or the farm team for the washington senators #
  • and mike huckabee is the kansas city royals #
  • ron paul is the mascot for the milwaukee brewers. #
  • and ralph nader is tommy lasorda #
  • my brain has an interesting playlist — last played: thriller. now playing: let’s go fly a kite. #
  • yay for css. #

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