Twittery Goodness for 2008-02-13

  • my landlord can eat my ass. he can’t plow a 20ft by 10ft parking space? go learn how to drive a fucking plow1 #
  • ! #
  • MSNBC: you can’t declare DC for Obama with 0% of the returns in. that’s… impossible. #
  • looks like they’re making hillary the queen of el paso now, too. #
  • can my vacation start now, please? #
  • i sense a hillary emotion coming up. #
  • i’m sorry, hillary. you just don’t strike me as sincere. and this time, i’m voting for someone i believe in. #
  • man, even i’m getting sick of politics. and *that’s* saying something. #
  • let’s go twitter! #
  • two more sets, and then i can have popcorn. #
  • now, i sleep. later, i wake up and go to minnesota whenever i damn well feel like it. #
  • packing #

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