Twittery Goodness for 2008-02-09

  • drupal’s forums suck in terms of customization #
  • time for a break — let’s read some political news! #
  • barack obama’s white paper on technology has a lot of good stuff in it. i’ll be happy to see if any of it happens #
  • if you had to pick 3 linux distros to take to africa and install on unknown hardware with no internet connection, what would you take? #
  • @BevanR Even if it is released, it won’t be useful until views and cck are up to par #
  • my god. barack obama never ceases to amaze me. #
  • OMGOMGOMG obama’s campaign opening an office 4 blocks from my apartment OMGOMGOMG *faint* #
  • anyone else remember when ads on facebook were relevant? #
  • note to self: avoid the UAE like the plague. #
  • breakfast time! #
  • hmm. i should go scout the obama campaign office. #
  • my plan #
  • my plan for the day:
    1. pack up gear
    2. go scout the obama campaign office
    3. work for a while, then work out #

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