Twittery Goodness for 2008-02-08

  • and now i’m done for the day. #
  • i feel like an idiot for burning myself with oil during breakfast. #
  • ok #
  • next on the agenda: figuring how to get the most recent forum post from a drupal db #
  • feeling the need to get out and do something different #
  • just got an email from my Peace Corps recruiter with information on 15 other Ole PCVs and applicants. UM YA YA! #
  • +1 dork points for using um ya ya on twitter #
  • my existential tail is wagging so hard right now. #
  • @philiphodgen, i am indeed back on the caffeine bandwagon, but i’m using it medicinally #
  • the more i use it, the more drupal 6 makes me happy #
  • @raster microsoft is like that kid who had the only SNES on the block, and now that everyone has one he feels jealous. #
  • anyone know what the current status of cck/views is in drupal 6? #
  • nevermind, i found cck: #
  • i need a photopress replacement. any suggestions? #
  • @raster, usually it’s "maybe i didn’t empty the cache completely", but yeah. #
  • @kerrianne $5 says you need a root canal. @christophr, i’d take a book if i were you. #
  • why would drupal not let me add html tags to the HTML filter? #

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