Twittery Goodness for 2008-02-04

  • checking the forecast, then braving the walk to either my car or Emy Js. #
  • @philiphodgen i’m worshipping at your church this morning. #
  • i walked to starbucks instead — 3 blocks later, i was covered in snow so badly that i looked like a shetland sheepdog #
  • fckeditor is a pain in the ass. #
  • just shoveled for us and the neighbors. landlord will do a half-assed plowing job sometime tomorrow or the next day #
  • did #
  • you’d think by now that i’d remember the commands needed for poking cron.php #
  • i don’t care who you are. word documents are not a cross-platform format #
  • if you want me to read something, send me a pdf. #
  • i heart mercurial #
  • hunting for a replacement to FCKEditor in drupal. any suggestions? #
  • @shelbinator what seems to be the problem? #
  • @marcusnelson are you *trying* for a heart attack? #

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