Twittery Goodness for 2008-02-01

  • can work again, please? i miss twittering. #
  • looks like the epic fail is over. #
  • i wish my roommate’s houseguests would stfu so i can get some sleep. #
  • twitter’s built on RoR? that explains a lot. oh well. glad to have it back. #
  • @kerrianne were you aware your husband is a spaz? #
  • woody allen is standing outside below my window and doing some sort of sad breakup on a telephone. at least that’s what it sounds like. #
  • i. am. going. to. kill. my. roommates. and. their. loud. obnoxious. friends. #
  • drunk people apologized. damn. and here i was just going to leave the kettle on the stove for 20 minutes. #
  • i guess it’s time to pack up the laptop and head over to Emy J’s. #
  • MSFT owning YHOO? and here i was starting to like YHOO again. #
  • 5 hours of sleep + coffee + PHP = waaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaah. #
  • hmm. dript is looking mighty nice right around now. #
  • hopeful that gtalk is working again #
  • @philiphodgen lies! blasphemy! how dare you invoke the name of Windows! #
  • @raster as a 715, i say good riddance. you can keep your crappy beer and your hippie cows. #
  • i think i’m due for more RAM #

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