Twittery Goodness for 2008-01-27

  • hooooo-rayy! obama ftw! #
  • <3 obama #
  • huh #
  • is hillary really not going to give a concession speech? #
  • huh. #
  • i follow politics like some people follow football. go obama! #
  • oh. nm. i spoke too soon #
  • what the hell is that blue thing standing next to hillary? chelsea looks scared. #
  • @christophr are you watching the tee vee? #
  • @christophr turn on MSNBC #
  • am i imagining things, or has hillary picked up bill’s twang? #
  • holy shit, she did! she’s mimicking his speaking style #
  • @jefferyharrell well said. #
  • @ChiliMac i don’t think so. he’s running on an anti-establishment ticket — why would he team up with the establishment? #
  • i love twitter on primary nights. #
  • dear @god, please keep @barackobama from screwing up further down the line. thanks. #
  • would someone please explain to me w.t.h. a ‘superdelegate’ is? #
  • @davewiner me thinks survivor might be a better idea for bill. get him on an island for a month and away from CNN #
  • obama’s speechwriter is worth his weight in gold. #
  • doing my strength workout while listening to obama’s speech. again. #
  • would someone at his campaign hq release his speeches as a podcast? #
  • i can’t get enough of obama’s speech. #
  • note to the blagotubes: i am officially taking feb 5 off. screw the superbowl. #
  • @kerrianne it seems to me that your husband is a cheap drunk. is this true? #
  • @kerrianne he’s just loopier than usual. and this is being judged through IM #
  • running, then feeding the dog and hoping these backups get done #
  • rsync is my favorite digital tool. give me a shell and a place to stand, and i will back up /world. #

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