Twittery Goodness for 2008-01-16

  • working tonight so that i might take tomorrow off #
  • hey, whaddya know… romney finally won one for reals. 3 contests, 3 winners: good job, GOP. #
  • and clinton is leading michigan with 58% of the vote… too bad it doesn’t count for a damn thing. #
  • tempted to install iptables #
  • man, filezilla on the mac > cyberduck #
  • did hillary just call people with assault weapons "bad guys"? #
  • hmm. can’t download the debate i just saw the last 20 minute of. msnbc? CNN’s beating you on this one. #
  • filezilla ftw #
  • dunno how i feel about sun buying MySQL #
  • PostgreSQL may be in my future #
  • div ids are the sign of a lazy programmer. #
  • @MartysMind Drupal scales well if you know how to use it. #
  • sounds like pervez musharriff is blaming bhutto’s death on the bogieman. #
  • sdflkjsdfi9kdnmn;;’sdi-g. gar. #

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