Sound economic policy

Dear Mr. Bush, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Reid;

The National Debt isn’t a golf score — the lower it goes, the worse off we are. Neither is it a charge card with an unlimited balance. And while a $300 check would be nice, I’d rather earn it though the fruits of my labor rather than borrow it at interest from the coffers of the Chinese.

You have absolutely no idea how to balance a budget, do you? You can’t spend like a fiend and not have some plan for where the money’s going to come from. And accumulating debt isn’t a sound source of revenue — it’s a good way to hamstring the next generation at the very LEAST. If I were to budget the way the federal government does, I’d be on the welfare that you so vehemently abhor.

You want to fix things? Fine. Balance out the tax structure so that the top 40% of earners pay more taxes than the bottom 40%. Roll back the Bush tax cuts. Increase the capital gains tax. Fix the healthcare system so that at the very least I don’t have to pay $300 a month for my medication. If nothing else, end that fucking war.

Consider this a final notice: anyone who votes for that “stimulus” package will automatically lose my vote in the next election, even if it means I have to write in ‘Mickey Mouse’ on the ballot. I’d rather have a government that works, even if it’s imaginary.

Get the hell back to work,
Grant Dobbe

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