Twittery Goodness for 2007-12-13

  • i am #
  • i am awesome. #
  • @Carr13221 What are you running? Macbook? MBP? #
  • @Carr13221 I remember reading something about that on /. — this might help. #
  • <3 firefly #
  • holy crap, facebook removed the "is" thing from status updates! #
  • @chrisjohnston please tell me that’s a joke. #
  • @chrisjohnston at least they’re not naming the kid Vista. it’d be doomed to a life of failure and marketplace rejection. #
  • woo! just got mt-daapd working! i share musics with my whole house now! #
  • has anyone been able to pull video from a linux box and watch it through front row on a mac? #
  • i was thinking about going snowshoeing this afternoon… then i looked out the window. #
  • doing something away from the computer #

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