Twittery Goodness for 2007-12-01

  • @philhodgen you want GTD-fu? i just figured out how to print backpack pages so they’ll fit in a hipster. i. need. a. life. #
  • ok, there’s no way that was that easy. #
  • @philiphodgen as chuck norris would say, "pain is weakness leaving the body" #
  • everything works except the ads. go figure. i’m gonna call it a night #
  • @philiphodgen just drill a 1" hole. if it’s not big enough, you’ve got too many cables. #
  • hmmm. want a movie on as background noise, but nothing good on tv. where’s joss whedon when you need him? #
  • hmmm. if this keeps up, i may need toxic hell and beer. #
  • taking a break, then building a drupal node_revisions table by hand #

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