Twittery Goodness for 2007-11-18

  • @philiphodgen you maxed out twitter? #
  • @philiphodgen wow. that’s incredible. truly i am not worthy. #
  • mikey’s a happy dog! #
  • @philiphodgen i see your twitter and raise you a Pakistan #
  • @philiphodgen fold. #
  • @philiphodgen photocopier #
  • @philiphodgen either that, or keep your brain dumps in a notebook and organize them in the hipster #
  • @philiphodgen what’s your process? #
  • @philiphodgen how do you do your organization? #
  • @philiphodgen any initial layout work? white paper? or straight into hipster? #
  • hmmm. i keep a notebook for backup; two-stage process #
  • project management through backpack, action items and lists in hipster #
  • braindump into notebook (lately into backpack) then relevant data into hipster #
  • i built in the redundancy to make sure that i don’t shoot myself in the foot #
  • @philiphodgen kinda working on revamping my system because i like Backpack so much #
  • battery about to die… time to call it a night #
  • @philiphodgen every client gets a BP page, and each running project gets a notecard. action items get a list, plus errands & shopping lists #
  • reserve power = forced bedtime #
  • ah, that was a good sleep. i’m considering walking away from the comps for the rest of the day #
  • i made an executive decision: i’m not working today. #
  • i feel like cooking. i think i’m going to cook. #

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