Twittery Goodness for 2007-11-15

  • rebuilding a database to debug it #
  • phpmyadmin is my friend #
  • i *think* i found a bug in advertisement.module. gives me something to do tomorrow morning. #
  • and now now it’s time for bed #
  • man, i wish there was a better way to do node creation in drupal #
  • @philiphodgen breathe. get out an index card. get out a pen. GTD. #
  • @philiphodgen David Allen FTW! #
  • huh. ING displays "Available Balance + Overdraft Line = Spending Power" on their account summary page #
  • methinks that’s our credit crisis in a nutshell #
  • @philiphodgen yeah, right now i’m using it to hold business money #
  • @philiphodgen once i get the credit card paid off, i’m going to file for a sub-S and open a business account #
  • OMG leopard just made my day #

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