Twittery Goodness for 2007-11-13

  • food and water #
  • reading! and not by the computer! #
  • @philhodgen who are you, and why are you in my brain? #
  • @philiphodgen and i guess i can’t remember your twitter name, either. #
  • note to world: when using synergy for extended periods of time, restart your network device every once in a while. like every 2 weeks or so. #
  • i’ve got civilization IV on the brain. damn you, sid meier! #
  • soooo cold. i think it’s time to turn on the heat. #
  • @philiphodgen you know, OS X is a distro of unix. comes with a command line and everything. #
  • os x automator is just like a friend who shows up with a pizza and a 6-pack right when you say "man, I’m hungry" #
  • *sigh* i miss choir #
  • ftp: the digital equivalent of watching paint dry. #
  • alright, off to the races. time to upgrade some shit. #
  • you know drupal’s broken when you have to turn modules on in the DB #
  • man #
  • that only took an afternoon. #
  • hmm. should i buy or sell? #
  • @spornographer gentoo #

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