Twittery Goodness for 2007-11-12

  • hoping for an easy day tomorrow, and a decent day on the stock market so i can watch my portfolio go up instead of sickeningly downward. #
  • aaaaaaand we’re off. #
  • hmmm. how hard would it be to write a jquery form for adding cck fields? #
  • block haripakorss #
  • i dunno #
  • @philiphodgen not sure #
  • @philhodgen looks like it only works for people following you #
  • need a good hosting provider with shell access… any suggestions? #
  • @philiphodgen tell me about it #
  • @philiphodgen i might try this out: #
  • lunch time and then a different project for a while #
  • css + recursion = headache #
  • finally. #
  • got the damn css worked out. now, time for nifty corners #

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