a few weeks ago, i attempted to make omelettes for nicole and myself. i failed miserably, and instead ended up with something resembling a denver scramble. tasty: yes. omelette: no.

after a little practice, some patient experimentation, and a lack of milk, i am proud to report that my omelette technique has improved greatly. i had my first ever honest-to-jeebus self-made two-egg (man, there are a lot of hyphens in this sentence!) omelette. the tricks are:

  1. beat the eggs with a fork, not a whisk, and make sure the egg mixture is consistent and pale yellow before you use them.
  2. heat your oil on medium-high heat while beating the eggs, and sautee your veggies/filling first. let those cook for 3 or 4 minutes before adding your eggs.
  3. use a rubber scraper, not your favorite all-purpose wooden stirring utensil (it’s called a Stirsby, and it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever) to get the eggs to the bottom of the pan.
  4. flip once, fold once. cheese goes in before the fold. don’t be deterred by a little breakage.

and there we have it. now, i need to shower and drive to faribault.

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