a year in lists

it is day 365 of the year 2006. in less than 10 hours, it’ll be 2007. i’d like to take this time and recount some of what happened this year.

first, things relevant to almost everybody:

  • the centennial of wolfgang amadeus mozart’s birth was celebrated
  • dick cheney shot someone in the face
  • iran was able to successfully refine a few grams of enriched uranium
  • a military coup d’etat took place in thailand
  • toothpaste and shampoo became contraband on U.S flights
  • mark foley was outed as a pervert
  • the republican leadership in the house was spanked for knowing that mark foley was a pervert and not doing anything about it
  • the democratic party retook control of the united states congress
  • north korea successfully conducted an underground nuclear test
  • donald rumsfeld resigned as secretary of defense
  • gerald ford died
  • james brown died
  • saddam hussein was (unwisely) executed for war crimes

and now, things that are only relevant to me:

  • i graduated college
  • i survived a very painful breakup
  • i got a job doing something i enjoy
  • i began formally living on my own and supporting myself
  • i learned quite a bit about what it means to actually work
  • i began toying with the idea of going to graduate school for software engineering

i’m sitting at the kitchen table, watching snow fall and waiting for the washing machine to fill so that i can take a shower. as has been my custom for many years, i’ve spent some time thinking about what my new year’s resolutions should be, and present them to the world here now.

  1. i make it my goal to weigh 200 pounds or less by december 31, 2007.
  2. i make it my goal to lay down responsible meal plans and eat wisely.
  3. i make it my goal to be happy as much as possible.

ok. time to go shower and buy groceries before all of the stores close. happy new year, everybody!

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