vacations, balance, and other things

this is going to take the form of a post in three parts.
part the first
i have a standing offer to take a trip to my aunt and uncle’s boat in seattle or parts thereabout whenever it is convenient to me. i intend to use it sometime this summer whenever i can get things to calm down enough. i also decided today that when i do take that vacation, i’m going to fill my iPod with content, get a good stack of books, turn my cellphone off, and leave my laptop at home. i think that in our technology-rich age, we often forget (and i myself am guilty of this) the importance of being completely isolated and old-fashioned at times.
part the second
in my quest to get my shit together and figure out what life is all about, i’m beginning to rediscover the fine art of balance and self-control. the primary focus is in finances, where i’ve begun to track every expenditure i make in order that i might begin laying down budgets and making sure i have enough to make ends meet. it also has come about in issues of exercise and health, where i’m trying to find that fine line between equilibrium and weight loss (or gain!) and how it relates to my personal habits. it’s also made a return into my spiritual life, where i’ve begun to meditate again. i think that when the new year comes, i’ll have some good points from which to start fresh.
point the third
in other news, i had salmon for thanksgiving, i’m going to christmas festival on thursday night, and i’m attempting to develop a regular flossing habit. i’ll let you know how it turns out.

that’s all for now. carry on.

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