getting things done

remember this? well, i’m in the thick of stage one, or at least the planning portion of stage one. i’ve spent a lot of time this evening thinking about life, my role in it, what i’m currently doing, and things that need to change. very difficult, and very necessary thoughts.
upon recommendation from a good friend, i started reading a really good book entitled “getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity”, by david allen. the author’s major point is that by getting every possible to-do and actionable idea out of your head, you reduce your stress level and become more productive. so far, it’s working.

i’ve started carrying around a “PDA”, akin to my father’s spiral-bound notebook and pen. it’s just a stack of index cards held together with a binding clip, but it’s helped me focus on accomplishing a great number of things both at home and at work. any time i need to do something, the specific action gets written down in the PDA. anytime i’ve finished that action, it gets crossed off the list. anytime i’m looking for something to do, i consult the list. i wish i’d had this 5 years ago. i’m also doing stuff along similar lines with regards to finances, health, social life, and my spirituality, but those aren’t quite as fleshed out at this point. i’ll talk more about those once i have more to talk about.
the process of getting my shit together is slow, and sometimes painful, but it’s happening. i’ll keep you informed of my progress.

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