i made 49 phone calls tonight on behalf of moveon.org, and it was an incredibly liberating thing. i called voters in florida and rhode island and encouraged them to vote for the democratic party in order to bring change to washington. i can truly say that it was one of the better ways i’ve spent an hour. as your friend, i encourage you to do the same and go to moveon.org. you can call for as short or as long as you are able, and you can pick the day and time you want to call. if you want to do something but don’t have time or money to do other things, this is perfect.

the other politically inspired thing i want to talk about is voting machines. the president of diebold (maker of atms, digital kiosks, and voting machines) practically promised karl rove the state of ohio in 2004. guess which brand of voting machine they used? the reports of voting machine fraud are popping up all over the place, and we need to do something about it to protect it it’s imperative that voting machines be open to inspection, use an open software platform where the code can be seen, and above all else return a paper receipt. tell your friends, tell your relatives, and tell your state officials to insist upon a transparent method of electronic voting.

that is all. carry on.

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