i’ve been working really hard the last couple of weeks. there are several web development projects on my plate, and last night i was at a client’s office until midnight trying to diagnose a server problem. it’s hard, demanding work, but at the same time there’s a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you are responsible for helping a business to succeed, or in helping to make other people’s lives better.

i’m under stress, but it’s a stress much different than the kind i experienced in college. it’s more diffused, and i almost seem to thrive on it while i’m at work. granted, there are days (like today) where my concentration goes to shit and i might as well do something menial like affix stamps to envelopes, but most of the time it drives me to do better and be better.

that’s almost the opposite of my home life. in the morning, i work out, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, and go to work. in the evening, i come home, sit down, read, make dinner, and go to bed. on the weekends, i do the big cooking like making stock and baking bread, and i vacuum. every once in a while, i have friends over. it’s everything i’d wanted and hoped for in my last semester of college, and i couldn’t be happier.

it’s almost a perfect balance: the hectic, busy push of work and the calm, steady flow of home. throw in the occasional social event, and i’m very satisfied with where i am.

life is good.

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