observations i have made about post-college life and sharing a house with 4 roommates, vol. 2

9. your roommates leaving a mess in the kitchen is perfectly acceptible. you leaving a mess in the kitchen is a national crisis that needs to be rectified immediately.
10. the tragedy of the commons is in full effect when pertaining to the living room, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. clean up for your own benefit, because nobody else is going to do otherwise.
11. that feeling of guilt-ridden panic and paranoia at not having anything to do will eventually go away. when it does, it’s a glorious thing.
12. it is perfectly acceptable to allow yourself 13.5 hours of sleep on a saturday when the previous week left you so exhausted you didn’t even realize it.
13. going to the library to study and work is an effective method of getting stuff done. the same applies for leaving the office and sitting in a coffee shop.
14. the technology industry runs on three things: electricity, adrenaline, and caffeine. everything else is just a means to obtaining the aforementioned three.
15. cooking is a simple way to bring joy into your life and the lives of others. just ask the recipients of fresh bread.
16. your roommates will take quick showers except when it’s imperative for you to get into the bathroom.

also, i’m thinking about migrating this blog to a real website. i’ve set aside a domain specifically for that purpose. expect more details later. carry on.

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