observations i have made about post-college life and sharing a house with 4 roommates, vol. 1.

1. single women (with very few exceptions) are slobs. i can name one who is not, and even she’s turning.
2. never underestimate the ability of a straw hat to attract the opposite sex at a drinking establishment.
3. telling yourself you’ll do a household chore and actually doing that chore are two very different things.
4. the quickest way to get people’s attention is to fuck up the email server.
5. the 40 hour work week is at the same time the greatest development in modern employment and the bane of human existence.
6. packing a lunch and sitting by the river with a book beats the hell out of going to a restaurant 9 times out of 10.
7. the quickest way to get a phone call is to either start a big project or say “i’m going to lunch”.
8. daunting projects really aren’t that daunting once you cut the bullshit and get to work.

alright. carry on.

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