the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

yeah, i know. i’m lame. i’m really lame. sue me.

i’m sitting at home, browsing sg on a craptastic DSL connection while half paying attention to the daily show. i’ve got a nasty head cold/sinus headache and i’m kinda nauseous. what better a time than now to wax philosophical about my life?

lately, i’ve felt… stagnant. very much like i graduated and then got stuck. my love life is going nowhere (though right now, it’s not bothering me a whole lot), i haven’t really had a lot of chances to get settled down, and my exercise program has been shot to hell. work is going well, but sometimes i have my doubts about getting paid.

i think what i really need is some time off. i need to sit down, get my shit together, put stuff away, and figure out what i want to do with the next year of my life. once i finally get everything migrated off of the main server at work, i may very well just take two or three days off (nobody tell my mother — i won’t take that time to go home. my problems are here, not 250 miles away in rosholt).

beyond that, life’s pretty much normal. carry on.

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