lazy saturday

good morning, world. my room’s trashed, i just woke up after ten (10!) hours of sleep, and all things considered, life ain’t half bad right now. i’ve got a few things on my plate for the day (such as some laundry and going to burnsville to obtain new shoes for myself) but other than that, the day is mine to do with as i please.

last night was the 5-year anniversary of badbrain computers. we ordered pizza, ate said pizza, and then proceeded to the bar to get drunk. fun was had by all. the “line of the night” award goes to ari for this little exchange:

rob: what are you drinking.
ari: a manhattan project.
rob: what’s that?
ari: it’s like a long island iced tea, only with a shot of radon.

the drink was later rechristened a three mile island iced tea. personally, i had a gin and tonic, a vodka martini, and an irish coffee. good times.

ok. i need to go pick up the filth that surrounds me and then make up the run i skipped yesterday morning. carry on.

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