the writing on the wall, done in crude oil

i am incredibly lucky.

i go to a good school, i have great friends, i (usually) have enough money to get me by. my classes are tough, but the education is something that i will treasure a lifetime.

after reading the newswires tonight, i think i have something else that is very important: a post-graduation job that doesn’t require me to commute by car. i’d kinda speculated that the base price of gasoline would be well over $3 per gallon this summer, and had started making plans accordingly. i limited my apartment search to northfield so that i wouldn’t have to spend a great deal of time getting to work. i got my bike out of storage and had more efficient tires put on it, started looking at rear racks and other options to add more cargo capacity; i basically began trying to make my bike a more efficient vehicle. gas gets expensive, and if the price went up that much, i thought, i wouldn’t be able to afford very much of it. after reading a number of stories tonight, i think that my speculating wasn’t too far off from how things might actually happen.

i just spent $70 on new tires and a tune-up for my bike. earlier today, I thought that was a little bit of a rip-off. now i think that it’s expensive, but worth every penny.

here’s the stories, if you’re interested.
Bush seemingly resigned to high gas prices
Forecasters say oil prices will reach $90
The more oil rises, the bigger the fall
Gas stations feel a squeeze

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