paved paradise and put up a parking lot

greetings from jesusland. we’re at a church, and i’ve got a line-of-sight wifi connection and some time to kill, so here we are.

today is the fifth day of choir tour, and the night after our first homestay. all in all, i must say that so far, i’m pretty satisfied. our concerts have been pretty consistantly good, the crowds have been very receptive (except for last night. there must have been a turkey dinner or valium-tasting party before the concert. jeez.), and the people have been absolutely wonderful. nobody in choir is bickering with anyone else, there have been no popularity contests or anything like that, and i must say that so far, i’m enjoying this a whole lot.

one thing that did get shot to hell, as i expected, was any sort of normal eating schedule. i’ve been able to exercise three out of the last 5 days, which helps me in just about every regard, and the church dinners / get-your-own-food-and-take-the-evening-off meals have been pretty good, but breakfast and lunch have been a combination of whatever leftovers one has from the previous night, fast food (i love you, subway!), and assorted little debbie products. not exactly the caf, but i can’t really complain.

speaking of which, i’ve resumed my meditation practice, and i’m now kicking myself for ever stopping in the first place. my mood has improved, my outlook on life has improved, i’m nicer to people, i sleep better, and i’m generally just happier. i’ve been meditating right before bed, and i’m up to almost 10 minutes per night now. yay buddhism!

now, let’s talk about scenery a little bit. the view from the bus window has been surprisingly attractive. des moines is quite the bustling metropolis, omaha has a wonderful downtown, and kansas city is just absolutely gorgeous. the stretches inbetween have been pretty nice, too. there have been hills and trees and farms and dune-like prairies that are a bit desolate, but at the same dime beautiful. the other nice thing is that the weather keeps getting warmer as we go further south. it’s 60 degrees in wichita today, and i’m sitting outside. groovy, baby. groovy.

well, i’m gonna go walk around a little bit before i have to go back inside. peace, and behave.

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