things that make me happy.

i realize that i’ve been ranting quite a bit. sure, a lot of things in this country are shitty, and the president is a fuck-up, but there are still plenty of things and people in my life that make me happy and glad to be here. therefore, let’s make a list.

things that make grant happy
by grant dobbe

  • nicole peterson. i love this woman, and i cannot wait to see her tomorrow. just the mere thought of her makes me warm and fuzzy.
  • lauren anderson, peter gloviczki, and my kitchen table. we had a rather good time playing mancala and just hanging out last night, and it made me glad that i have space and time to share with my friends.
  • stav hall. i *love* our cafeteria. i take great joy in being able to walk up to the clerk, scan a barcode, and eat.
  • my room. it’s looking pretty snazzy at this point, and once my roommates move in, this place is going to be downright awesome.
  • my co-op membership. i love food that is sustainable, fresh, and delicious. i also love the fact that i can share that membership with my friends and loved ones.
  • the tostrud center. don’t get me wrong; i like running. i just like being able to do something other than running every now and again.
  • podcasts. i am a radio junkie, and i totally dig the concept of being able to listen to whatever i want, whenever i want. i also get an insane amount of geeky pleasure at being able to rewind and fast-forward through a radio show.
  • nicole peterson. oh wait, i already did that one.
  • shower curtains. thanks to my blue stars-and-suns shower curtain, i am able to create my own little canopied bed and private space in a room holding four people. thanks, shower curtains!
  • rubber duckies. while i was unpacking, i would smile every time i pulled a rubber duckie from its box. current duckie count in rand 240: eight.
  • wireless anything. wireless keyboards, wireless network connections, and cordless phones all bring me joy. why? you pick up your keyboard, move across the room, and tell me you don’t say “awesome!”
  • my desk. my sexy, minimalist, zen desk. so sleek, so efficient. hottx.
  • the view from said desk. a wall full of windows, green trees, and a limestone wall. it’s sure beautiful, alright.
  • have i mentioned nicole peterson? she’s hot.

alright. time to think about a whole lot of nothing while i still can. peace, and behave.

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